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There are not many experienced local companies to help in this emergency situation and that is why we are so glad to help.

Remember Snow acts Like a sponge for Rain if it’s on your Roof!

In 2015, we had hundreds of calls for Roof snow removal in Connecticut and Massachusetts for both commercial and Residential customers.  Shoveling a roof or Flat roof is not like shoveling a Driveway, and landscapers can do serious damage to you roof, or fall through a snow covered skylight if they are not experienced.

Roofs are delicate and should be treated so, and one hard jab from the corner of a shovel can put a hole right through your roof, causing future problems long after the snow storm.  it is important not to use just any old shovel on the roof, but have the right equipment.  There are shovels made specifically for flat roofs that are designed to not damage the roof and speedily rid the weight of snow from the roof deck.

How do you know how much snow your roof can hold before you might need our services.  

Here is a simple chart to help you understand the weight of the snow on your roof.

weight of Snow ON roof Chart

Here is some things to look for if your roof has too much snow and may begin to collapse.

-Bowed ceilings beneath a flat roof.
-Doors or windows become hard to open or close
-Cracks or lines on your ceiling.
-Cracking and popping sounds.

Please leave your home or building if you notice this and contact local building authorities.

 Fill out contact form and we will contact you ASAP!


We Offer  Steam Ice Dam removal and Stop Roof Leaks in Connecticut and Along the East Coast

We Offer Safe Steam to Remove Ice Dams off your Roof

Do you have ice dams leaking in your home? Are you Worried about the Roof of your home being weighed down by substantial snow fall?  Some insurance companies are recommending steam to remove the Ice Dam off your roof.  This is safest for your roof and often times insurance pays for service if a leak is occurring into the house.  

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ct steam ice dam removal


Now Serving all of Connecticut and Massachusetts including Canton Framingham Fairfeild, New London, Norwich, New Haven, Hartford, Guilford, Waterbury, Litchfield county and most of Connecticut.

Ice dams are cussing major leaks in the northern Connecticut and Boston Massachusetts area. Get your ice dams removed to get the leaks stopped.
Snow Buildup on Roofs can Cause Structural Damage to your home.  The initial storm could cause structural damage; however, it gets more likely with every additional Snow and Ice Storm as weight can pile up quick.  We can Rake the snow off your roof, or help get rid of some of the ice build up along the edges.  One thing can help help with ice buildup in the gutters is Gutters cables, but this is best done before the Ice Storms.

CT Roof Snow Removal

Rain can be a big problem if there is already significant snow pile on a flat roof.  The snow will act as a sponge to absorb and store the additional weight of the water on top of a roof.  This is particularly a problem with Commercial Flat roofing.


The Powdery white fluff can melt over time and begin to act more like a sponge.  This is especially true if a spring like Slushy rain or down pour follows a substantial Snow Fall.

Is It Safe to Remove Snow Off Roofs for Connecticut Home owners?

It can be as long as a homeowner has the right equipment for the Job.  While some would like to Shovel Snow off of their homes, Walking on roofs while it is could and Icy is not the best situation for the Typical homeowner.  This can prove to be not only risky, but downright DANGEROUS.


*Due to high volume of calls, other local contractors may contact you to perform job.*

Here is the link to the Government website for State requirements for roof snow removal

This is a contractor connector page to find local contractors for homeowners and it is advised to homeowners to hire the company best suited for their needs.

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