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What Is An Ice Dam How does it Make a Roof Leak?


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 We Offer Steam Ice Dam Removal the Safest for your Roof!

 What is an Ice dam?  If you are noticing water inside your home from snow on the roof, it most likely is from an Ice Dam.  This is where the snow melts from the heat of the house and flows down to edge of roof and refreezes in cold weather.  The frozen water turns into an “Ice Dam” trapping the fresh new snow melt on the roof and causing a pool of water on the roof.  This pooling water finds ways into the house and can cause major damages once developed.

We Offer a method of Steam to remove the Icicles from the edge of your roof which is the safest for your shingles.  In 2015 many roofs around Connecticut were damaged by companies not trained with dealing with ice.  Using blunt force to break up ice may get rid of ice, but could cause leaky roofs later in the year.  Often times, insurance companies recognize the benefits of steam and will pay for the service if preauthorized due to interior damage.  The reason is because not only does it stop potential thousands of dollars of interior damage, but it also keeps the roof from being destroyed.  There were roofs shoveled across the state last year in Connecticut that had to be replaced the following year because of damaged caused by the snow removal company.  Be careful!

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Residential Snow Services:

* Snow clean up of walkways and driveways

* Shovel paths free of snow and ice !

*Roof Raking and Roof Shoveling

Snow free parking areas for resident safety

* Quick and easy access in and out of your parking spaces

Deck and Wood Snow Services:

* Snow removal on wood surfaces requires extra attention and quality workmanship.

* We work carefully to preserve the quality of your wood without compromising on snow removal!

Commercial Roof Snow  Snow Removal Services:

* Townhouse & Condominium Associations

* Retail Stores

* Appartments


* Medical Centers

* Schools

* Churches

We Also Offer 24 Hour Snow Removal for:

* New London, Norwich, Waterford, Mystic, Stonington, Montville, Groton, Ledyard and most of New London County.  We can service most of Connecticut New Haven, Hartford, Fairfield, Bridgeport and more.

Connecticut Snow Removal Is Affordable!