DIY Roof Snow Removal Video

Easy Way to Remove Snow from the Roof or your Home

Here is a Tip you might be able to try or Hire a Professional Roof Snow Removal Contractor. This can save you time, energy, and Money.  Hey, it might even be a little fun…

Items you will need




If you use a string and the roof is not too iced over yet you can try this.

  • Get String to top of roof or throw string to other side of roof
  • Tie one side of sting to something stationary like the rail on your deck or tree on opposite side of house
  • get on other side of house and make sure you and nothing that can be damaged is below roofline
  • Leave a few inches of snow below the string and above the shingles
  • Pull string across roof section at a time, be careful not to get string stuck under shingles which could rip them.

Now you may need to have a good enough pitch to your roof to help the snow fall off once it is cut.  But this will save a ton of work on your roof.  Also watch out below when you pull the String.

When you pull the string, it will slice the snow underneath close to the roof allowing it to slide down the roof.

Make sure you don’t have pipes or box vents that can get in teh way of the string slicing through the snow.


This is Why you should call the Professionals  This is not the right way to do it, but is comical none the less

(This is not the right way to Do Roof Snow Removal)
Don’t try this at home.  This is an obvious hazard that many people may not think about.

If this was your house you could have caused damage o your gutters and risked personal injury. Call a Pro today!

Being on a roof when there is no snow is dangerous enough, but add a little bit of snow and ice and only a professional should pull the snow off your roof.  This is not a job for the average handyman.

There are other things that could go wrong, like scraping the shingles underneath and scarring them.  I have seen roofs need to be replaced after a snow removal company scars the shingles of the roof to bad to repair.

Does your Roof Need the Snow Removed or Not?

Most roofs are built to withstand 20lbs of snow per square foot.  Here is a diagram below that should help you understand the weight of the snow on your roof and if it is reaching close to the limit.

(This chart is a over simplification of rough calculations for weight of snow )

Snow wight can vary from pure water at 7lbs an inch per square foot to a few pounds per cubic foot

ct Roof Snow Removal Graph

Snow needs to be pretty deep on the Roof to cause problems

If you have less than 30 inches of fresh snow only on your roof, most likely it is not above 20 lbs per Square foot.  if the snow fell while it was windy or blizzard conditions it is possible to have almost no snow on one side of the roof and have drifts many feet thick on the other side of the roof.  This can twist the frame of the building and reduce the snow load capacity of the building.

Contact a building official if you are in question of the roofs stability.


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